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Herbs and Minerals

About us is the platform where members and customers benefit from exclusive products and services, enjoy personalized attention, and share in our Planet’s Health values.  Our brands include: Remodel, a specialty line of all-natural, energizing cosmetics for skincare, hair and body care; and   ForestHome delivers strong and effective all-natural home-cleaning products for your BioSafe Lifestyle.

As a biotechnology company, we apply our BioZymes technology to all-natural ingredients and develop custom solutions for skincare and home care. 


We are not a typical online store. How are we different? We build a relationship and engage with our members and customers; we provide personal advice and develop a solution specifically designed for each of your personal needs.  Together with our members and customers, we are 

Our Values

QUALITY - Top quality, all-natural products for our members and customers.
SERVICE - Personalized attention, exclusivity, and customizable programs and services.
RESPONSIBILITY - Improve our Planet’s Health through ecosystem restoration.
SOLIDARITY - Promote rural community development.


All our products are developed with BioZymes, a technology that strengthens the beneficial effects of natural botanical ingredients and is key in developing your Biosafe Lifestyle which places an additional barrier of protection that neutralizes unwanted microorganisms and viruses.


Forests Builders 


We care deeply about our Planet’s Health.  We are committed to do our part and help others do their part when it comes to environmental restoration and preservation.  The Forest Builders Initiative is our partnership with EcoRestorers on ecological restoration of ecosystems.

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Through the ecological restoration of ecosystems, we work on water conservation, the production of clean air and overall ecosystem health, and therefore, people health.

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