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REMODEL energizing cosmetics include BioZymes, a natural revolutionary technology to improve skin microcirculation, lightening, and remodeling for anti-age purposes.  BioZymes for REMODEL strengthens the benefits of different exclusive botanicals and include OCIVITA, the innovative soft preservative to protect the Natural Skin Microbiome for your skin's health.

BioZymes is also used in ForestHome home cleaning products.  This technology strengthens the cleansing characteristics of each product’s botanical ingredients and leaves a protective barrier on all surfaces that neutralizes harmful and unwanted microorganisms and viruses that encounter it.

Most consumers are afraid of the dangerous effects that chemical preservatives could have on their health. The BioZymes technology in REMODEL includes OCIVITA, a Natural BioZymes Soft Preservative that preserves the Natural Skin Microbiome, free of parabens, formaldehyde donors, acids, and other harmful chemicals, including phenoxyethanol. All of our formulas are validated in skin irritation tests; of course, no animal testing is ever conducted, consistent with the spirit of our brand. Truly a safe, natural product.

Did you know?  Everybody involved in is directly or indirectly helping to protect and preserve our planet. BioZymes Technology inside REMODEL and ForestHome products reduces contaminant chemicals in botanicals and oils through cold process production. 

The BioZymes Environmental Seal is backed by a 56-year tradition that promotes Community Development, Social Responsibility, Natural Sustainability and helps preserve the environment for present and future generations. 

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