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Aerial Photo of a Forest


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EcoRestorers works for the construction of harmonic societies in which nature and humans interact beneficially.  Areas of focus include Ecological Restoration, Biotechnological Innovation and Socio-Economic Community Development.

Ecological Restoration addresses priority ecosystems with an emphasis on several fronts, including:

  • The protection of water resources in Biodiversity conservation

  • Soil erosion and flood risk reduction

  • Natural vegetation recovery

  • Ecological restoration of carbon-fixing forests as generators of clean and healthy air


Biotechnological Innovation applies science to natural ecosystem needs and addresses the following:

  • Integrated water resources management to improve the quality and volume of the water resources

  • Water recovery for natural sustainability

  • Biotechnological innovation in the management of solid waste and wastewater

  • Air quality performance assessments and solutions


Socio-Economic Community Development projects that generate economic alternatives for local communities based on fair trade and green markets.  This includes empowering and assisting local communities through the development of projects for environmental sustainability.

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